Quality indicators in special needs education

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An international perspective

Herausgeber: Hollenweger, Judith; Haskell, Simon
ISBN: 978-3-908262-30-5
Erscheinung: 2002, 80 S.
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Sprache: Englisch


This book is a challenging and refreshing treatment of the topic related to the efficacy of various educational approaches towards children with disabilities. It is free from the unhelpful polemical and shrill claims of the various petitioners as to the superiority of special or inclusive education. The authors have presented scholarly and research based evidence surrounding the complexities in establishing Quality Indicators in Special Needs Education. The writers have recognised academic and research credentials. However, all of them have been experienced practitioners and are not «ivory tower» academics. The publication comprises an introductory article by Judith Hollenweger followed by critical accounts of the research evidence reported in two major language groups; English by Simon Haskell and Mike Steer, and German by Sieglind Ellger-Rüttgardt and Grit Wachtel. An additional element of this publication consists of an annotated bibliography arranged around major indicators of quality in education. Key components are identified, which are required in designing quality education for children with disabilities. The book should offer valuable guidelines to teachers, therapists, medical specialists, administrators and educational policy leaders.

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